Whispering Wise Rattery

located on beautiful vancouver Island, BC, Canada


This rattery is dedicated to the memory of two

of the most amazing rats that I have ever known.

Unfortunately these rats have left us for rainbow

bridge but I am currently working on a new

strain of rats. At this time I am breeding many

coat colours of rex's(blue, cocoa, agouti, black) and

I am building my breeding stock as we speak.

At the moment I have a double rex, a blue

standard, a cocoa, a blue hooded rex, a siamese, a

himilayan dumbo and a dumbo husky. I am

getting in some manx and a silver satin soon. I will

be getting more breeding stock in as time goes

on. If you are interested in any of these please

e-mail me. I do ship and may have what you are

looking for in the near future I will put you

on waitlist and you will get your pick on a first come

first serve basis.


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