Past ratties

As time goes on we lose friends that we know we will

miss forever. Every one of these rats means

something special but especially the two rats that

this rattery is names after. Wisdom and Whisper.

Below is a picture and the story of each.

I hope that you enjoy.


This is wisdom 1998-2000 he was the sweetest rat that ever lived!

This rat was the best pet I have ever had, he loved to snuggle and play and always came

when called. He loved me with all his heart and always let me know that I was

the most important thing in his life. I will be forever greatful of what he gave

me and I will always mourn for what we had. I keep looking for a pet that

has the sweetness that this little guy showed me but I just can't find it anywhere. I hope

more than anything that you are waiting on the other side of the rainbow bridge

for me my sweet little wisdom.

Whisper and Midnight were the parents of Wisdom the Great,

Whisper was a sweet little girl and Midnight was also a very nice

boy! They are both sorely missed! Whisper was lost in Sept1999

due to an infection, she a was a great rat and used to follow me around

my apartment at a bound. She came whenever I called and behaved like

a princess. She was a thief though and would steal food of counters

no matter how cumbersome it may be! I miss her tiny form in my house

and heart.Midnight died of old age in early june of 1999, I got min when

he was full grown from a pet store. He was not going to stay there long as

he was ugly(as the pet store clerch explained) I think he was beautiful

and hated that they would say that so he came home with me and lived

out his life as a stud:)

This is Java, she was a saimese and a wonderful mother

For the last nine months of her life Java lived with my mom

and brother and was treated like the little queen that she

was. I f ound this little rat in the SPCA and fell in love with

her. She came home with me and one week later had a

healthy litter of five babies. All the babies found homes

, two of them with me. I am glad she got to live out the

last of her life in a home full of love

These are all decendants of Java in one way or another.Nova from right to left starting

on the top there is Nova (Javas daughter) Saddle (Javas daughter, different litter)

Seti her daughter(Novas sister, Javas Daughter) and Shadow(Whisper and Javas

grandaughter) Nova was a shining staralways there, she was not the friendliest rat

but when she got cancer her and I grew a special bond. When I took herto be put

down I was told that she could have surgery to remove it all would be well. She

made it through the surgery and afterwards was healthy for 2 months and

then it came back. She was put to sleep in January of 2000. Saddle was a happy

little girl, she was the nest maker and mother for all her sisters. When she left

at the beggining of the summer in 2000 everyone was sad,she was such a sweet soul.

Seti was lost at the end of november 2000, she died in her sleep, I am thankful

and I was unsure as to when to take her in to be put to sleep. All my other rats told

me when it was time but seti held strong untill she was ready to leave. Shadow

is a great little rat , she bounds around my room with thecontented look of a child in a

candy store. I know that all too soon I am going to lose this bright light and I hope that

that day can stay away for a long time.

This is AJ

My dad rescued this rat from the SPCA when I was awayin hopes that I could use

his as a breeder for siamese rats.He was not siamese however he sure was a

pretty capped rat. Dad called him AJ and he lived on a book shelf and in his cage

for all of his life. When we got him he used to bit like crazy but with love and patience on

my fathers part AJ made a lovely pet. We sure miss him.

Shadow the rat passed away on June 5th 2001 at the age of 3 1/2. She was a wonderful companion and proved to

me that a rat can really grow on her. I held her while she was in her final moments and will forever remember that she

lasted as long as she did. I will miss you shadow.