The Bucks

I currently have 14 bucks. Not all of them are available for stud. Read label to learn more.


Name: WWR Zephyr's Gale

Colour:blue agouti irish marked

Birthdate: Dec 7, 2000

Past litters: litter 1, litter 2

Name: WWR Cuppa Joe

Colour: Siamese

Birthdate:Nov 7, 2000


Name: WWR Reasoning Rio

Colour: Russian Blue Hooded velveteen

Birthdate: Feb 21. 2001

To see past litters click here: litter one


Name: Odins Odesey

Colour: black banded husky, dumbo eared satin

Birthdate:Feb 14th, 2001

To see past litters click here: litter one



Name: Polo

Colour: blue self

Birthdate: March 6, 2001

To see polos litters click here

Name: RFR Xavier

Colour: Silver dumbo Bareback

Birthdate: March, 2001


Name: OFR Memphis

Colour: Dark Dumbo Hairless

Birthdate: April 18/2001


Name: Dolbi

Colour: silver self dumbo

Birthdate: May11/2001

Name:OFR Venn

Colour: agouti capped blazed



Name: Blackhawk

Colour: black possum faced dumbo



Colour: blue berkshire


Name: Roo

Colour: as wild as they get agouti

Birthdate: May 20/2001

Name: A little bit of rythem

Colour: agouti dumbo berkshire

Birthdate: June 1, 2001


Name: a little bit of Jazz