Current Does



Name: WWR Latte

Colour: Himilayan dumbo

Birthdate: Jan 20, 2001

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Name: BRR Cherokee

Colour: lilac bareback

Birthdate: Feb 5th, 2001

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Name:WWR Sable

Colour:Blue agouti self satin

Birthdate: march 7, 2001


Name: WWR Mar's revenge

Colour: blue agouti english irish marked velveteen d/c

Birthdate: Feb 22, 2001

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Name: Faline(helen Pembrook, california)

Colour: fawn self t/c.

Birthdate: Feb 28th, 2001


Name: RFR Pride

Colour: blue husky dumbo mismarked cap-stripe velveteen

Birthdate: march 21/2001

Name: WWR Feels like Silk

Colour: black english marked velveteen

Name: Eclipse

Colour: Blue self


Name: piston

Colour: bluse blazed odd-eye


Name: WWR Serendipity

Colour: black husky

Birthdate: Aug 10, 2001


Name: RSCL Azalea

Colour: PEW